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A recent Creative Communications graduate from Red River College, Eden Ramsay values hard work, honesty, and fresh ideas. She looks forward to networking with different people in the future and helping them communicate in the best way she can.

She’s always been interested in the art world and visual communication. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in 2010. She majored in graphic design and minored in photography.

She aimed to further her communication skills so she joined the Creative Communications program at Red River College. Here she developed the skills she already had in graphic design as well as new skills in public relations, advertising, media production, and journalism. Along the way, she built her portfolio, network, and reputation. She majored in public relations and graduated with a Creative Communications Diploma in 2014



Known for creativity, a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude

Excellent writing and organizational skills

Described as compassionate, understanding, and personable

Ability to work both in a team and independent setting

Exceptional leadership qualities including clear communication and careful listening

Considers new challenges as opportunities to grow